Breaking: How Todd Boehly plans to make profits from buying Chelsea

Prospective According to Matt Law of The Telegraph, Chelsea bidder Todd Boehly sees footballing success as a way to profit from his possible investment in the club.

After becoming the preferred bidder for Chelsea, the consortium led by Boehly is said to have entered a five-day period of exclusivity to finalize a purchase deal.

According to Sky News, American private equity firm Clearlake Capital will own 60 percent of Chelsea’s shares, although Boehly is anticipated to retain day-to-day management of the club.

The Boehly company has allegedly offered more than Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s latest commitment of £4.25 billion to buy the west London club.

The Telegraph columnist told the London is Blue podcast that “the greatest way he sees getting money out of sports is to be successful on the pitch.”

“The Dodgers’ value has skyrocketed since his participation, and I think that will be his philosophy with Chelsea as well.”

“The only way to truly expand this brand and increase its value is for it to be as successful as possible.”

“They will work hard to get Chelsea to a position where they can compete in the Premier League.”
This is undoubtedly a paradigm that Roman Abramovich has employed at Chelsea over the previous two decades.

Rather than receiving dividends from the club’s annual income, the Russian billionaire concentrated entirely on raising the club’s market value.

Even after factoring in the rumored £1.54 billion in loans, Abramovich might have made a profit if he hadn’t been punished with fines.

According to reports, the Boehly-Clearlake group has agreed to avoid selling a majority position in Chelsea for at least 10 years, making the economic model even more appealing to them.

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