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Benzema narrate his tough in start at Real Madrid and the problem he had with Mourinho

Karim Benzema has discussed his playing style, his early days at Real Madrid, and a minor squabble with Jose Mourinho.
Following a fantastic season, Benzema paused to reflect on his career thus far.

When questioned about his style on the football pitch, Benzema told Onze Mondial in an interview, “I play by instinct, I’m an instinctive player, and whatever comes into my brain, I do on the pitch.”

“I never tell myself, ‘I’m going to play against this defender, I have to do this or that,'” says the player.

Benzema also went into detail about his early days at Real Madrid and the challenges he experienced.

“My first season, the first six months, were really difficult,” Benzema continued, “since I was alone and didn’t understand the language, so everything was complex.”

“I’d landed in a new environment, with a new team, and a new kind of football.” Fortunately, I did not give up.

“I recall having a minor disagreement with Jose Mourinho at one time.”

“The day before a match versus Real Mallorca, we met at the hotel and had a talk.”

I wasn’t meant to play the game, so I told him, “You start me tomorrow, and I’ll score, and I’ll make you win the game.” I scored the next day, and we won 1-0.”

Benzema talks about his friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo.
One of the players that has always inspired Benzema is Cristiano Ronaldo, as he mentioned in the interview.

“I tried to concentrate on his movements when I observed what he did: the dribbling, the finishing, the passing, his ball handling, everything about him,” Benzema remarked.

“However, achieving the same result is impossible.”

Benzema wants to win the World Cup.
Benzema, despite a prize-laden trophy cabinet, still hopes to win a few more, particularly the World Cup, because he was not a member of France’s 2018 squad.

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