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Bayern Munich Offer Real Madrid New Contract Sealed

Bayern Munich Offer Real Madrid New Contract Sealed

Real Madrid continues to receive bids between these transfer windows as well as throughout the summer and winter transfer periods.

Some are overt, while others seem to be more based on circumstantial evidence, with parties taking advantage of talks about other topics.
Leroy Sane, who is under contract with Bayern Munich through 2025, falls within the latter category.

The former Real Madrid player shared representation with the German international during discussions for Luka Jovic’s transfer to Fiorentina, and as a result, an offer was made.

The revelation was verified to MARCA by the entourage of the Bayern Munich attacker, as initially reported by Aleix Genero in DefensaCentral.

Real Madrid isn’t planning any acquisitions
According to the same sources, they were requested to evaluate the situation at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu without being given any more information, expectations, or commitments.

This is standard procedure for the club’s experts in this field, who are always courteous and approachable due to the fact that football is a very complicated industry and that excellent relationships are crucial to success.

Sane is still not any closer to joining Carlo Ancelotti’s team, despite everything.

Real Madrid is intent on moving players on, as MARCA has been reporting.

The message will be repeated to ensure that players who are unwanted by the team go, as this is the top priority in the Real Madrid boardroom.

It won’t be feasible to include new players until that time, and even then, it will rely on the circumstances of those who are of interest.

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