As Chelsea looks for summer signings, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher accuse Todd Boehly of “panicking.”


Gary Neville compared Todd Boehly’s activities to those of the Glazers and Ed Woodward and accused him of making hasty player acquisitions.

The Blues have already spent £92.96 million on players this summer, including Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli, Raheem Sterling from Manchester City, and Gabriel “Gaga” Slonina from MLS team Chicago Fire.

The Premier League’s juggernauts have also entered the competition to recruit Frenkie de Jong, a midfielder for Barcelona, and are closing in on Marc Cucurella, a left-back for Brighton & Hove Albion.

Some individuals are aware of him, but there are others who never hear or see him yet nonetheless complete their tasks fast and effectively.

When teams are operating efficiently, you don’t hear about who is signing the players; you simply sign them. Chelsea has that sort of “I’m taking over, I’m the man now, I’m going to go out and basically buy the players” attitude that Manchester United had under The Glazers and Ed Woodward, and they are then linked with every player that Barcelona wants, every player that City wants, and every player that United wants.

They seem to be bouncing about because Todd Boehly feels like he needs to take action. His name keeps coming up too often.

It doesn’t seem insulting since, as you may know, he is a well-known individual who recently obtained the club.

He fronted a fund that received 2.5 billion pounds, but to me, getting rid of the entire football organization that had been amazing for so long and taking over feels like Ed Woodward. We’ll watch it progress.

In agreement with Neville’s view, former Liverpool defender Carragher thinks Chelsea’s continued pursuit of Spanish left-back Cucurella is evidence that the team is “panicking.”

He stated, “I believe the way most football teams are operated now, it’s a lot more organized, a lot more kind of, you know, who you want, it’s not sort of these panic things that used to happen in the past and people would go purchase and you’d look at it.”

I see a few actions by Chelsea and wonder, “Is this a panic because you haven’t purchased someone and you need to acquire someone?”

“You spent £50 million on Ben Chilwell, and now you’re trying to sign another left back, as if you didn’t want them a month before, you want them now,” the speaker said.

Chelsea started the new season on Saturday against Everton after finishing third in the Premier League last year, 19 points behind winners Manchester City.


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