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Amine Gouiri is the best striker Real Madrid could sign in 2022

Real Madrid would benefit greatly from the addition of Amine Gouiri, especially with Mariano Diaz and Luka Jovic both needing to depart this summer. When Benzema is rested, he’d be an excellent backup striker, and Gouiri would benefit from studying from the legendary French striker.

Despite the inevitable parallels to Karim Benzema, Gouiri’s approach is surprisingly similar to that of the Real Madrid attacker.

Gouiri has established himself as one of Europe’s most promising young attackers after joining Nice from Lyon in 2020. The 22-year-old forward participated in every Ligue 1 and Coupe de France game last season, scoring 12 goals and assisting 10 times in 43 games.

Gouiri also has seven goals in 18 appearances for the French U21 squad, and his strong performances have reportedly piqued the curiosity of some of Europe’s top clubs.

While the young French prodigy has always desired to be his own man, and Real Madrid is in need of a backup striker, one can’t help but question if Amine Gouiri is the best possible acquisition for them.

Amine Gouiri possesses exceptional technical abilities.
Gouiri is a technical attacker who can play on either foot, likes to drop deep and create chances away from the area, can hit a cross-field ball, and has a slight touch with his instep that reminds me of Benzema’s early years at Lyon before catching the interest of Real Madrid. He’s also one of the best dribblers in Ligue 1.

Gouiri is a terrific striker in the final and penultimate touches of a move entering the opponent’s box, depending on his outstanding ball control, quality, and sensitivity to find the last teammate or create individual plays if he is the finisher.

Gouiri excels at generating a threat, both by receiving the ball between the lines and playing face-up in the box, as well as by holding control of the ball after he gets it, ensuring possession continuity. One of his greatest assets is his ability to hold the ball at all times, distribute it to a teammate successfully, and have an extraordinarily low turnover % for a striker. When Gouiri is harassed, it is virtually never taken away from him. His approach is quite comprehensive.

In the box, Gouiri is a predator, possessing a combination of speed and power that any forward in the world would crave. Whether it’s a dribble past his opponent or a well-placed assist or cross, he’s a good creator.

Gouiri possesses a talent set that Real Madrid want in the attacking third.
Gouiri loves to take up this position between the opposition’s defensive and midfield lines during the buildup. Because of his ball-handling skills, if a teammate can locate him in between the lines, either in a central position or in the half-space, the attacker may represent a significant threat to the other side. His quickness, on the other hand, is critical to his team’s progression into even more dangerous final-third situations.

He is well aware of the responsibilities he has been given. He regularly comes deep to receive the ball when it is up front, forcing his marker out of position, like a genuine false-9 should. Not only that, but his exceptional ball-handling talents are a one-of-a-kind skill set, especially given the role he plays.

This says a lot about the 22-year-old Frenchman’s approach to the game. Gouiri isn’t a player who only shows up in the final third; he’s active off the ball in the early stages of his side’s attacks, using his movement and ball-progressing skills to assist his team advance up the pitch.

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