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After making a transfer error, Cristiano Ronaldo said he lost the chance to play with Lionel Messi

It has been suggested to Cristiano Ronaldo that he should have left Manchester United this summer in order to join Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain!

When his agency recently offered him to Chelsea, Ronaldo’s future was in doubt, but United manager Erik ten Hag wants the Portugal superstar with his club for the upcoming campaign. Even still, longtime Ronaldo critic Paul Merson continues to argue that both teams are making a mistake by keeping the 37-year-old at Old Trafford.

And Merson predicts that additional problems will arise the next season because he sees the former Manchester United forward as contributing to the issue rather than the solution at United. “Ronaldo should have gone to Paris St-Germain to build a dream squad with Lionel Messi this summer,” Merson said in his Daily Star column.

“Because, in my opinion, Erik Ten Hag’s revolution cannot begin until Ronaldo has left Manchester United. Furthermore, Ronaldo isn’t winning the championship at Old Trafford, so why stay? He doesn’t have a lot of time left to take home the big bucks.

“Picture him at PSG playing with Messi. They have been rivals for a long time. It would be entertaining to watch them finish their careers together. Additionally, you keep hearing rumors that Neymar would leave PSG so that Kylian Mbappe, Messi, and Ronaldo could form a front line. The Harlem Globetrotters would be involved, because that is what they do there, and Ronaldo would be certain of winning significant trophies once more.

“I believe it to be the finest setting for him. And because everyone would want to watch it, they would appear on TV every single week all across the world.

Even if Messi and Ronaldo used to be the finest players in the world, they are no more, thus they probably still wouldn’t win the Champions League.

Last season, Messi only managed six goals in the French league. In Spain, he used to score six goals in a week. However, the trio in the front is a Playstation football team. Watching it would be enjoyable.

“Watching Ronaldo play for United isn’t enjoyable. At this point in his career, Ronaldo is too old to chase players away.

“Before Ronaldo arrived, United had a squad full of players who closed down and launched incredible counterattacks with speed, vigor, and technique.

“However, they were unable to do so with Ronaldo last season. I am aware of his prolific goal scoring. People claimed he did his job well.

The fact is, United would undoubtedly prefer to win the league with Ronaldo scoring only a few goals than to come in far behind with him hitting a hat trick.

“That’s like building a house and claiming the windows are wonderful but the roof wasn’t installed correctly. It is unsuccessful.

“Ronaldo was hanging about against Brighton last season, laughing cynically as if to ask, ‘What am I doing here?'”

But he doesn’t have many options for where to go. Erling Haaland is presently a member of Manchester City. He won’t be visiting Liverpool. PSG is essentially the only one.

Last season, Merson, who is also a Sky Sports analyst, got into a number of TV fights regarding Ronaldo.

Don’t get me wrong, the ex-Arsenal and England forward urged. One of the greatest players of all time is Ronaldo.

“Even throughout the previous season, when I was watching him, I occasionally thought, Wow, he’s so off it. And then he scores with a boom, leaving you wondering, “How did you do that? You’ve been away from the ball for 25 minutes!

“The guy is unique. He exudes such confidence. He is, in my opinion, the strongest player ever in terms of mental fortitude.

“I believe Messi is unique. I believe his brilliance was innate. Ronaldo has had to put up the effort. Videos exist of Messi making unbelievable goals as a youngster. For him, everything came naturally.

It has been pure hard work and devotion with Ronaldo. However, even with Ronaldo at United, there won’t be a revolution under Ten Hag. He is simply not one of those guys if asked to shut people down because he is a year older.

It’s going to be tough. The manager will have the exact same issues as the previous one had.

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