According to the report, In less than a month, Chelsea may be kicked out of the Premier League

Chelsea’s takeover plan has been in the works for two months, and the sale of Chelsea was supposed to be finalized by now.

The buyout process is currently in its final stages, but The Telegraph has warned that if it is not completed by the end of the month, Chelsea will be kicked out of the Premier League.

According to the media outlet,’some insiders’ believe that if the takeover is not completed by the end of May, the Blues might be ‘expelled from competing in the Premier League.’

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Chelsea is now operating on a government-issued license, which ends on May 31 and will not be renewed.

Chelsea, however, are on borrowed time, according to Britain’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, who told the BBC late in April.

“Chelsea is currently living on borrowed time. There is just a little window of opportunity for that sale to take place. Nadine Dorries told the BBC’s Newscast podcast that “it has to happen quickly.”

Dorries declined to explain what would happen if the window ended without Chelsea being sold, but stressed that the club had “weeks” to sell.

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