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A Real Madrid Castilla prospect Carlo Ancelotti might actually use

Real Madrid supporters adore Carlo Ancelotti, who learned from his mistakes and guided Los Blancos to a season of triumph that few Madridistas could have predicted in 2021/22. Carlo won the Champions League for the second time in his Madrid career and sealed the title early in the season, putting together a season to remember at the helm of the Royal White ship.

But if there is one more lingering criticism Madridistas have of Ancelotti that is crucial to the club’s future, it is his refusal to give young Castilian players an opportunity. Under Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Blanco, Sergio Arribas, and, in particular, Miguel Gutierrez, were all very impressive in 2020/21. In 2021/22, Miguel and Peter Federico both had significant moments. However, the great Italian manager only used a few of them.

Juanmi Latasa, a striker for Real Madrid Castilla, may be able to change that. The versatile No. 9 has the potential to be Real’s second striker in the 2022/23 season, however, it might be contingent on Real’s ability to sell or loan both Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz. Jovic appears to be on the verge of joining Fiorentina, while Mariano remains a difficult matter…

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Latasa, on the other hand, maybe a viable third choice. He was outstanding for Castilla last season, demonstrating that he deserves a spot in the first squad.

Juanmi Latasa possesses the qualities that Real Madrid wants in a striker.
Real Madrid expects a lot from their attackers, particularly in terms of hold-up play and the potential to include teammates. Los Blancos want wingers who can score a lot of goals, which means their striker needs to be equally adept at passing and shooting. In many respects, Karim Benzema has set the standard, making it difficult for Real to find a striker with the necessary technical and tactical qualities.

Latasa has a lot of potentials. Carlo is apparently interested in Edin Dzeko, but Los Blancos would like to go with a striker who is younger than Dzeko.

But, if Dzeko’s interest is genuine, which is doubtful but not impossible, why wouldn’t Carletto give Latasa a chance? The teenage striker is available for nothing and has many of Dzeko’s characteristics. He’s tall, he can generate opportunities, and he can help his teammates by doing a lot of the hard work offensively.

Because of these characteristics, Latasa may be the Castilla player Ancelotti prefers. He’s the type of player who can make the most of a few opportunities and then progress as the 2022/23 season progresses, establishing a critical niche role in the squad and progressing as the season progresses.
I can’t predict what Ancelotti will do or how he will evaluate the players, but I can say that on paper, Latasa has a chance and an advantage over the others. He possesses a unique skill set and appears to be the type of player Carlo admires.

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